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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I receive my garment.

We ship same day on most shipments, and 2nd day on the rest. We ship out of our location in Raleigh North Carolina. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information.

How much is shipping.

We are offering free shipping on all garments for a limited time.

What if my garment does not fit?

If it is too tight, we suggest going on a diet. If it is too loose, hit the weights. Just kidding! We have a very strong return policy. We will accept returns up to 60 days after purchase – no questions asked.

What do the names mean? Ben, Carl, Rome, Seattle, etc.

Great question. We have a product hierarchy and the tech level increases as you go up the pyramid

1. Legends: Carl, Ben, Usain, Tom, etc.
· branded with the ‘Flying F’

· Classic fits, comfort fabrics – the staple, the one you always pull first out of the wardrobe

· Styles pay homage to Sporting Legends across multiple sports (Carl, Ben, Usain, Tom etc.)

· Classic time-tested fabrics, but we go the extra yard – e.g. legends Fleece styles are in a 14oz fleece as opposed to where most guys run a 8-10oz fleece.

2. ‘640’: Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle

· 640 – there are approx. 640 motor muscles in the human body- you need 640 muscles to make you move

· Tagged with a red ‘640’ flag

· Technical fabrics – kinetic engineering – ventilation panels

· Featured sewing techniques

· Wicking fabrics, 3D structures for better breathability, Double knits etc, Cationic techniques etc..

· Styles refer famous sporting cities (e.g. Olympic hosts, or Championship marathons etc. Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle etc. – places you go to test your self

What does Night Vision Reflective Mean?

We have embedded reflective material in the garment for safety after dark.

Engineered 3D fabric for a dual face with increased surface area increases absorption. Combined with wicking finish, to move moisture faster to the surface for higher evaporation rate and increased cooling.

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