You have questions.  We have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I receive my garment.

We ship same day on most shipments, and 2nd day on the rest.  We ship out of our location in Raleigh North Carolina.  You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information.

How much is shipping.

We are offering free shipping on all garments for a limited time.

How do your Hoodies compare to Reebok, Nike, Underarmour, Hylete and Adidas?

Very, very nicely if we don’t say so ourselves.  Below is a comparison of our Zipper Hoodies and our Pull Over Hoodies


How do your workout pants compare to Lulu Lemon, Nike, Under Armour and Adidas?

Our products have more features, higher quality and come at a better price.


What if my garment does not fit?

If it is too tight, we suggest going on a diet.  If it is too loose, hit the weights.   Just kidding!  We have a very strong return policy.  We will accept returns up to 60 days after purchase – no questions asked.

What do the names mean? Ben, Carl, Rome, Seattle, etc.

Great question. We have a product hierarchy and the tech level increases as you go up the pyramid

1. Legends: Carl, Ben, Usain, Tom, etc.
· branded with the ‘Flying F’

· Classic fits, comfort fabrics – the staple, the one you always pull first out of the wardrobe

· Styles pay homage to Sporting Legends across multiple sports (Carl, Ben, Usain, Tom etc.)

· Classic time-tested fabrics, but we go the extra yard – e.g. legends Fleece styles are in a 14oz fleece as opposed to where most guys run a 8-10oz fleece.

2. ‘640’: Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle

· 640 – there are approx. 640 motor muscles in the human body- you need 640 muscles to make you move

· Tagged with a red ‘640’ flag

· Technical fabrics – kinetic engineering – ventilation panels

· Featured sewing techniques

· Wicking fabrics, 3D structures for better breathability, Double knits etc, Cationic techniques etc..

· Styles refer famous sporting cities (e.g. Olympic hosts, or Championship marathons etc. Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle etc. – places you go to test your self

What does Night Vision Reflective Mean?

We have embedded reflective material in the garment for safety after dark.

What does VAPR-DRY mean?

Engineered 3D fabric for a dual face with increased surface area increases absorption. Combined with wicking finish, to move moisture faster to the surface for higher evaporation rate and increased cooling.