A little summary about the brand

Fast As Logo   

But first a little back ground to the brand
‘Fast as…’ comes from an old Cockney English  expession – you get to fill in the rest!
And our registered Tag Line is ‘Speed Changes Everything’ – the garments are built for movement, not couches.

We have 2 core logo’s which also help identify the product level.
The first is called the ‘Flying F’ and is the letter with the upper and lower arc’s
The second is the ‘F-Bomb’ which is the same logo, but placed on a Circle

We have a product hierarchy and the tech level increases as you go up the pyramid
The 1st 2 (‘Legends’ and ‘640’ are launching now, and the top of the tree ‘AKM’ is under testing so will launch in next phase.
1.      Legends:
·         branded with the ‘Flying F’

·         Classic fits, comfort fabrics – the staple, the one you always pull first out of the wardrobe

·         Styles pay homage to Sporting Legends across multiple sports (Carl, Ben, Usain, Tom etc.)

·         Classic time-tested fabrics, but we go the extra yard – e.g. legends Fleece styles are in a 14oz fleece as opposed to where most guys run a 8-10oz fleece.

2.      ‘640’
·         640 – there are approx. 640 motor muscles in the human body- you need 640 muscles to make you move

·         Tagged with a red ‘640’ flag

·         Technical fabrics – kinetic engineering – ventilation panels

·         Featured sewing techniques

·         Wicking fabrics, 3D structures for better breathability, Double knits etc, Cationic techniques etc..

·         Styles refer famous sporting cities (e.g. Olympic hosts, or Championship marathons etc. Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle etc. – places you go to test your self

3.       ‘AKM Tech’
·         AKM – ‘Are You Kidding me’

·         More on this to come – phase 2 launch, including possible patented technologies

·         High end – top flight performance equipment for the serious athlete

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