Participation By Design – Putting you in the Driving Seat

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Participation by Design – Putting you in the driving seat

Our objective is to design and build the best training and exercise garments

But what makes it the best?

Our development design DNA is anchored to the idea of ‘FIT FOR PURPOSE’

Does it Fit?

Does it do the job?

Simple as that!

‘Uhuh’ I hear you say, ……… But how do we actually do this?

Well that’s where YOU come in

One of our top-line values is ‘We before Me’.

If we want to be part of the bigger community, we need to be asking questions and  listening!  The only way to really know is to open ourselves to feedback, and to ask YOU to participate.

Give you, the actual person sweating out the hard yards, a voice in the design and development of what you pull on when you work out or compete.

There’s an old saying ‘Why guess when you can know’….

We want to know what you need, what you think, and what you want to wear.

So we are looking for people not afraid to give us their honest opinion.

Head over to our Ambassador section on the website and sign up.

Not only do you get a 40% welcome discount, but once approved you will also be eligible to earn hard cash just by spreading the word.

And even better, you will become part of our development panel. Have a voice in the shape and design of what you wear.

And it’s not just about the garments.Value is not just a dollar and cents concept.

We are determined to leave people and planets betters than we found them.

Let your voice help shape where we are heading and what we do.

Click on the ‘Ambassador Program’ tab in the menu and sign up.

Welcome aboard


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