Where we came from

It started with a casual chat amongst friends over dinner. Expressing frustrations finding decent, affordable, technical, training gear.

It evolved into a team with years of combined experience in the apparel and active sports industries, an idea to pool their knowledge and find a fresh approach to design, focusing on function and attention to technical detail at an affordable price. Oh yeah…….and it needed to look good.

It translated into building garments that will be the 1st ones pulled out the closet when you’re going to get moving. The starting point was our own experiences of what we love, and what we believe works. Engineering garments in innovative ways for better fits and functionality that adapt to athlete’s requirements when they move. Simply – every garment build must stand up to whatever training or athletic environments you want to explore.

Once we’ve chosen the best possible fabrics we know, we engineer constructions and leading-edge sewing techniques to ensure maximum function. Years of experience means we can tick the boxes in the most efficient way. Bottom line – this translates into feature-rich garments, lower costs and affordable technical apparel.


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