THE SCIENCE OF SWEAT – How DOES a t-shirt improve your workout???




When you read ‘Wicking’  or  ‘Moisture management’ what does it actually mean, and why is it important ?

The human body has a narrow temperature band in which it perform best. Too hot or too cold, and it automatically dials back performance.

Movement generates intra-muscular heat, which we need to get rid of it.  Failure to do so results in core temperature rising, and the body start to slow down.

Overheating is not just simply a matter of clothing that’s too heavy & traps warmth;  We need to sweat in order to cool down.

On contact with air, sweat evaporates and this is what actually cools us. Sweat is the critical moisture component. If you stop sweating you are in big trouble!

Come to think of it – we come with a built-in AC unit – Neat!!!

Alternatively there’s always an ice bucket!

If we can ramp up the speed of the evaporation, the cooling effect increases – turn up the AC.  So we want to pull the sweat off as quickly as possible, using absorbent fibres, and then ‘pump’ it through to the outer surface and the open air stream so its can evaporate.

Added Bonus – sucking sweat off faster means you stay drier and more comfortable.

Cheaper versions only suck the moisture off the body.

They don’t transport sweat through and out; the sweat remains trapped in the garment, and you end up with a heavy, wet t-shirt. Hot, Sticky and uncomfortable.

We start our T-shirts by selecting the 3D ‘Atmos’ knit. Internally a super-fine 3D structure increases the surface area available for absorption.

Combined with ‘Vapr-Dry’ Hygroscopic materials, this allow us to ‘mop-up’  a higher volume of sweat compared to a traditional knit, and ensures that moisture is transported quickly through to the outside air.

On the way, moisture droplets are split into smaller component molecules, so it can turn quickly to a vapour – evaporation and cooling.

COOL + DRY  –  Just what you need for your workout.


Give Kobe, Melbourne or New York a trial – our Vapr-Dry Performance T-shirts

If they don’t live up to our promise, you can return for a full re-fund!


Be Warned – Excessive use of  ‘VaprDry’ garments might require you to drink sufficient water to stay hydrated.




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